Global Advantage

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Global Disability and Community Support

Global with its expertise, experience and large pool of disability support staff is able to establish new services for people with a disability.

We can provide a direct service where you have the funding and we have the expertise and staff.

We can help establish a community group home, respite care facility or day program.

Complete Human Resource Solution

We can especially help new community groups representing people who have a disability and their families and advocates. If you are a new incorporated association and have been successful in gaining financial support we can help with the establishment of the service with a complete package including providing an operational manager/ coordinator/ team leader, supplying our staff, handling all staffing issues of rosters, direct care staffing, oncall, key workers/case managers, AND we handle all the payroll processing, workers compensation, payroll tax, professional indemnity insurance, leave coverage.

Partnership With Parents/Guardians

We know that parents are the most consistent and dedicated advocates for your son or daughter who has a disability. We can establish a partnership to help you establish new services to help your children, especially as they get older and need support accommodation of their own outside of the family home. The biggest and most complex issue for parents and volunteers is the service establishment and staffing – that is where we can help as a partner – by offering our comprehensive management and staffing services.

Individual Care

We can provide individual care in the clients own home when this is needed.

Special Travel Support

We can provide special support staff, whether that be casual booking or a regular weekly outing or activity. Sometimes we can provide traveler support for client special holidays – just ask us and we will search our large pool of staff to see who could be available.

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