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Professional Development Seminars

Empowerment with Education

Global Disability & Health Care Education programs empower workers with additional professional knowledge and skills.

Education promotes great competence and confidence to work in the human services fields of disability, community care, mental health and nursing.

The more skilled workers have more work and have more opportunities. Competent workers are sought after by customers.

Your increased competence and education can lead to more opportunities and career advancement.

Professional development should be an ongoing and regular activity—always up dating old knowledge and learning new skills.

Education is uniquely owned by the individual and always remains yours. Education is empowerment in work and in life.

Global Disability & Health Care Education for empowerment and advancement.

Planning your professional development education is the foundation of planning ...

  • Your resume enhancement
  • Your job competitiveness
  • Your future employability
  • Your future income security
  • Your readiness for opportunities
  • Your advancement
  • Your career
  • A better life.

External Participants Welcome

Initially we developed our education program to meet the needs of our Global staff and for the first few years courses were closed to our staff training needs.

However, we now have openned limited selected courses up to any interested workers in the field. Some small to medium sized organisations use us for their staff training. Our course fees are reasonably priced for both workers and organisations on tight budgets.

It pays to booking into courses early to ensure a place.

The only courses currently open to external applicants on a prepaid basis for individual or group booking are:-

  • Medication Course
  • PEG Feeding Course
  • Keep Them Safe: Child Protection for Mandatory Notifiers.

Other courses are only provided for Global staff.

Quality Education

We aim to offer a high standard of professional development education and we only use educators who have substantial experience and suitable qualifications for their field of expertise. Most of our lecturers are current or former university lecturers in nursing and behavioural science related disciplines who have also had substantial sector experience in order to give students both the best practice theory as well as the real world insights that comes from experience. Clinical and nursing skill courses are only given by suitably qualified Nurse Educators/Registered Nurses/Clinical Nurse Consultants.

All our courses and lecturers are evaluated – and we ask all students to provide confidential evaluations and post them in a secure deposit box located in our lecturer room.

We have a well appointed training room with all the presentation aides and special items that are required to demonstrate and practice the course activities.

Professional Development Courses Planned

NOTE: Some courses are run according to demand.

Comprehensive Training

Introduction to DIA & Disability Service Standards
(Global staff only)
An overview of the Disability Inclusion Act and the Disability Services Standards

Essential Skills Courses
(Global staff only)

Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation Update,

Work Health & Safety Risk Management

Manual Handling & Safe Lifting,

Clinical Observation Skills including Diabetic Monitoring.

Medication Management & Medication Safety (NSW Legislation and Regulations specific)
(Global staff only)
Medication management in the community, common medications, side effects and interactions, Prescriptions and abbreviations, administration and recording.

Person Centred Planning, Community Participation & Access
(Global staff only)
Support the individual in developing their personal life style and life goals plan, identify community resources and support services, support community access and participation, promote independence.

Keep Them Safe - Child Protection & Mandatory Notification (NSW Legislation and Regulations specific)
(Global staff only)
Introduction to child protection and mandatory notification. Legislation, regulations, policies and procedures.

Reporting Abuse & Neglect Requirements of the Disability Inclusion Act & Ombudsman's Act.
(Global staff only)
Introduction to Legislation, regulations, policies and reporting procedures.

Active Support & Living Skills Teaching Techniques
(Global staff only)
Promote an enriched life style, empower people by teaching a range living skills for greater independence and participation, task & concept analysis, precision teaching techniques.

Diabetic Management
(Global staff only - only conducted according to demand)
What is diabetes, nutrition and diet, medications, monitoring health and complications, monitoring diabetes, management of high & low blood sugar levels, emergency response. (Pre-requisite = Medication Management, First Aid)

Supporting Challenging Behaviour.
(Global staff only)
Learn about predicting and assessing behaviour, assault cycle, verbal de-escalation and also physical evasion techniques, safety issues, legal framework and documentation requirements.

PEG (Tube) Feeding Course
Intra-gastric feeding, special nutrition, methods—gravity, bolus and pump feeds, preparation, care of equipment, medications via tube, safety. (Pre-requisite = Medication Management)

Dual Diagnosis: Mental Health & Disability
(Global staff only)
Learn about mental health conditions & causes, alternate physical conditions with pseudo mental health symptoms, mental health legal issues, mental health emergencies, mental health services & options, treatment approaches, mental health first aid, observation, assessment and reporting behaviour, planned management prevention programs, psychotic episode de-escalation techniques and much more.

Wound Management & Dressing Skills (Infection Control & Universal Precautions)
(Global staff only - only conducted according to demand)
Universal precautions, wound cleaning techniques, dressings and treatments, bandaging.

P.A.R.T. Two Day Course.
(Global staff only)

Predict, Assess and Respond To Threats of Assault/Aggressive Behaviour.  Learn about predicting and assessing behaviour, assault cycle, verbal de-escalation and also physical evasion techniques, safety issues, legal framework and documentation requirements.

Epilepsy & Emergency Medication Course
(for Global staff only - no external applications accepted for this course - we recomend Epilepsy Action NSW courses)
Manditory Pre-requisites: First Aid Cert or Current CPR Update AND Medication Course or Registered Nurse or Endorsed Enrolled Nurse.
Documentary evidence of pre-requisites MUST be sighted before the course. Course involves in class assessments which must be passed before Certificate is issued.

Individual Health Planning, Monitoring & Maintenance Course.
(Global staff only)
Health assessment and follow-up routines, liaison with medical and health services, monitoring health, basic clinical assessment skills and documentation, supporting better healthy lifestyles (i.e. diet and pleasurable exercise activities).

Working with Families, Advocates, Guardianship & Support Groups.
(Global staff only)
There are many important people in a persons life such as parents, siblings, extended family, friends, advocates, support groups and guardianship that support workers need to work with for better outcomes for the individual.

Supporting People With Autism
(Global staff only)
Introduction to autism, support services, daily routines for independence, developing positive interests and skills, interpersonal skills development and supporting behavioural issues.

Supporting People With Brain Injury
(Global staff only)
What is brain injury and its effects, supporting people with brain injury, daily routines for independence, interpersonal skills and supporting behavioural issues.

N.D.I.S. New Client Referrals & Commencement of Service Procedures
(Global staff only)
For nominated staff only

Cardio-Pulmonary Resuscitation Update for Nurses
(Global staff only)
For Global Registered Nurses, Endorsed Enrolled Nurses, Enrolled Nurses.

Drug Calculation Test Revision
(Global staff only)
For Global Registered Nurses and Endorsed Enrolled Nurses

Other Specific Training Programs - for selected Global staff placements - enrollments by invitation only.

Global Staff Applications

Global courses are FREE for Global staff. Register for courses through your Booking/Allocations Consultant.


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