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Global has Solutions For Your Organisation

  • Solutions For Clients With Urgent & Complex Needs, and
  • Global Facilitating Special Projects
  • Pilot & Trial Evaluation Projects as well as
  • Bridging & Transition Programs

Global has enhanced services:-

  • to better respond to situations where clients have urgent placement needs and
  • to facilitate new and innovative service options in the disability, aged care, mental health, dementia care, hospital and health care areas.

Pilot and Trial evaluation projects often are founded on a client group with special needs not being met through traditional and existing service models and may be underpinned with pilot non-recurrent funding and be subject to evaluation. It is difficult for service innovators to recruit staff when there is no guarantee of ongoing employment – this is where Global can come in to help kick start the project with our casual staffing.

Bridging and Transition Programs again are often the short to medium term solution to individual client needs and client groups with special needs requiring flexible and responsive support service models and maybe initially set-up with the view to transitioning to a long term support service at a later stage once the support model and level of support has been established. Again it is difficult to recruit staff when there is no guarantee of ongoing employment or employment arrangements may change – this is where Global can help establish the project.

Urgent and Immediate Solutionsfor clients who are homeless and have complex needs can include just providing the accommodation as the landlord &/or include initial staffing of direct care workers. We are able to source properties to meet clients needs with a fast turn around in order prevent homelessness.

Global is a well established specialist staffing agency for casual and contract staff in the disability, community, aged care, mental health, dementia care, forensic mental health, hospital and health care. We have a large flexible work force of experienced and trained staff available to respond to special service staffing needs.

Global support options for pilot, special projects and urgent needs cases:

  • Team Leadership
  • Case Management
  • Support Care Workers &/or Nursing Staff
  • Accommodation / Venue Facilitation
  • Evaluation Data Collection
  • Specialist Staff Training
  • Community Outreach Respite Care and Specialist Escorts

Team Leadership

There is often a need for an on-the-ground leader for day to day matters, supervision of staff, staff rosters and responding to unforeseen events. Global can provide this Team Leader person.

Case Management

Clients with special and complex needs whose life is undergoing change and adjustment due to a change in support services, need a continuity of case management for liaison with previous service providers, specialist, mental health and medical support services, referral to new community and social support services, as well as liaison with family and guardians. Global can provide the case management staff.

Support Care Workers & Nursing Staff

Global as its core business maintains a large workforce of specialist care worker staff and nursing staff. Global can select staff with experience with similar client and service experience in the local area where services are to be established.

Community Outreach Respite Care and Specialist Escorts

Global can offer outreach respite care where our staff take clients on respite care outings and excursions in order to meet the client needs for a break from the current living situation, promote greater community access and participation as well as to giving the carer a break. We can also provide special escorts for assistance to attend appointments, clinics and social functions. (However, there is a minimum of a three hour booking as required in the Industrial award.)

Accommodation / Venue Facilitation

Global is able to expedite the acquisition of special accommodation or project venues and to act as landlord for programs for people with special needs. This reduces the delays in accommodation/property acquisition and removes the difficulties in obtaining capital budgets and distributes the costs on a recurrent budget basis. This arrangement can give service providers a great degree of flexibility and timeliness in responding to client needs, especially urgent needs due to impending discharge from current services and risk of homelessness.

Evaluation And Data Collection

Global staff will participate in data collection for project evaluations. We can also facilitate the development of evaluation studies in association with University colleagues with established experience and reputations for formal project and program evaluations. Some Project Directors may already have their own affiliations for project evaluation. If a new Evaluation study is needed to be developed Global has affiliations with University colleagues at the University of Sydney, University of New South Wales and the Western Sydney University.

Specialist Staff Training

Global Disability & Health Care Education can offer both fundamental skills training and special staff training.

We can get your new program staff trained ready to start work.

The training courses can include the following: CPR Update, Intro WH&S, Manual Handling, Clinical Observations Skills with diabetic monitoring, Assist Self Medication & Medication Safety, Wound Management & Dressing Skills, PEG Feeding, Epilepsy & Emergency Medication, Dual Diagnosis (Mental Health & Disability), Managing Challenging Behaviour, Positive Programs & Living Skills Education, Introduction to Disability Services and a range of other specialist topics. Staff training is a key risk management strategy for conducting safe and effective service deliver and improved quality of client services.

Consultation on Project Plan Development

Global is available to work on the initial concept – project plan development to help ensure all aspects of a new project are considered and that there is a capacity for fast tracking in order to meet any urgent client needs. This is allows for the addressing individual needs of persons who are homeless or at risk of being homeless and where the person is at risk.

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