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Time Sheets

Please fax your weekly Time Sheets by Monday 9 AM

Fax Number: (02) 9764 1610

or email to:

If you are a Registered Nurse “In Charge” a customers supervisor must initial beside the “yes” check mark.

All time sheets must be signed.
Clearly date all time sheets and work entries.

Shifts worked must correspond with the sign on book at the work location.

Download Global Time Sheets:-

Global_Staff_Timesheet_2018.pdf Global_Staff_Timesheet_2018.pdf (98.30 KB)

If you are required and approved by a customer to use your own vehicle for work and you agree

then complete and lodge with your time sheets the Global_milage_sheet.pdf

Then you will be reimbursed along with your pay for the same period.


    Please ensure you let the office know of your availability for the next fortnight.

    The more you indicate your availability – the more opportunities there are to match you to customer shift requests as they come into our office.

    Email your availability to

    Pre-booked Shifts

    When a customer pre-books you directly for a shift or a roster sequence of confirmed work, please ensure you let the office know – so that we can bill the customer and enter it in the system for your bookings and pay.

    Please email pre-booked shifts information to

    Holidays and Periods of Absence

    When you are taking holidays or periods of absence for conferences, etc. please let the office know – so we don’t disturb you with calls for shifts you can not do. But also, please do let us know when you will be returning to work and what your availability will be for the first two weeks back.

    Incident Reports

    If you experience an Incident when at work, including work place injuries, you need to complete an Incident Report and fax it immediately to your employer, that is, Global. Please download the Incident Report Form and complete the form before you finish your shift and forward it with out delay to the Global office.

    Global_Employee_Incident_report.pdf Global_Employee_Incident_report.pdf (45.44 KB)

    Global_Employee_Incident_report.doc Global_Employee_Incident_report.doc (54.00 KB)

    Dress Standards

    Global staff are always well presented. In the health sector clean and tidy uniforms are required. In the community sector clean and tidy attire creates a good impression with our customers.

    Appropriate and safe covered footwear must be worn at all times.

    Happy customers means more work

    Happy customers are more likely to call us again with shift bookings – they are also more likely to request you for future shifts.

    Please ensure:-

    • you always arrive a little early for a hand over and work,
    • do not leave the shift early, and
    • ensure ALL duties are completed including
    • completing ALL documentation required for client files, medication charts, data collection, administrative forms and procedures.

    When you do a bit extra, and above the call of duty, this always make a positive impression on your work colleagues and customers – it helps to ask if there is anything else they need you to do during your shift.

    Global staff have a great reputation with our customers – and we want to be their first agency they call.

    Global Disability and Community Services

    These forms are for the use of Global staff engaged in our direct service programs only.

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