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What to bring when you come for your interview

When you come for an interview you will need to bring personal identification documentation as well as documentation relating to your qualifications, and

  • Resume (with up to date work experience)
  • Qualifications (originals)
  • Staff Training Certificates
  • First Aid Certificate
  • CPR Update Certificate
  • Authority to Practice (for registered & enrolled nurses)
  • Personal Identification (A 100 point identity check must be completed)
  • Two references or referee contacts (for past supervisors)
  • Bank Details (for payment arrangements)
  • Superannuation details (for the employer contributions)
  • Drivers License
  • Birth Certificate,
  • Medicare card,
  • Passport,
  • Work Visa /Residency or Citizenship documentation.
  • National Police Certificate (National Criminal Record Check) (see below)
  • Working With Children Check
  • Immunisation Records.


It is a requirement of health services and other services that staff have immunisation, especially all direct patient contact staff like nurses.

If you do not have a current immunisation record you can request the NSW Health Immunisation Record be sent to you when an interview time is arranged and take it to your local doctor who can conduct blood tests to determine your immunisation level and then have your doctor to certify on the NSW Health Immunisation Record.

In some cases you may need booster immunisation to be arranged with your doctor, who then can certify your records.

Download the NSW Health Occupational Vacination Policy from here (pdf document)

Working With Children & National Criminal Records Checks

NOTE: That employment in the health, disability, children's services and community services sectors requires "Working With Children" AND "Criminal Records" screening and you will be required to lodge both these documents - and will not be able to commence work until these have been cleared.

You are required by the provisions of the Disability Inclusion Act 2014 to obtain a National Police Certificate before employment. This can be obtained through NSW Police.

You apply through your local NSW Police station with the following:-

* Completed Police Screening Form downloadable from here NSW_Police_Check_Form_002_P799.pdf

* Take three forms of identification including photo ID such as Drivers License.

* Pay the current prescribed fee.

You have the Certificate mailed to you, then show us the original certificate.

ALSO NOTE: These certificates must be updated before the due date - in order for you to be able to continue to work in the sectors. No renewal means no work.


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